For women

Tantrická masáž Plzeň


During the tantra massage for women you experience the feelings of a real goddess. You will be cared for with maximum tenderness and full attention. Every muscle on your body relaxes and a path opens, at the end of which you can experience the perfect state of open consciousness.

The massage begins with an introductory ritual for the initial unlocking, stimulating energy and creating a pleasant atmosphere and mutual trust. You are dressed in a light sarong. A long relaxing full-body massage follows, during which you are pampered with hot towels, silk items, furs and scented oils. A relaxing head massage and reflex foot massage, long connecting touches, buttocks massage is included. Intimate massage may also be part of the yoni session, but the massage can be fully enjoyed even without the inclusion of intimate parts. You decide where and how the masseur touches you. The whole ritual takes place in a perfect atmosphere of relaxing music, sensual scents and burning candles.

Price of massage:
90 min. – 92 euro
120 min. – 120 euro
150 min. – 148 euro
180 min. – 168 euro
240 min. – 216 euro


During the tantric massage spiced with light BDSM elements, you experience pure male dominance, which is incredibly liberating and exciting. Your body tastes stronger and firmer touches. The masseur uses a whip or leather dents instead of feathers. You experience the feeling of total surrender. Everything takes place in a safe environment, according to agreed borders, with deep respect. An oil massage of the whole body is included, the ritual may also include a massage of intimate parts.

Price of massage:
90 min. – 90 euro
120 min. – 115 euro
150 min. – 135 euro


Sensual tantra massage performed simultaneously by 2 masseurs or masseuses is an extraordinary deep experience. Your body is covered by an endless amount of wonderful touches that your mind is not able to grasp and totally resigns. This allows you to immerse yourself in meditation and the deeper experience of sensual touches. No place on your body is left behind. You feel like in heaven, completely disconnected from the external reality.

4 hand massage must be ordered in advance.

Price of massage:
90 min. – 136 euro
120 min. – 180 euro
150 min. – 204 euro
180 min. – 240 euro


The relaxation massage serves as familiarization with the technique of conscious touch. You can comfortably lay on your tummy and the following oil massage covers the entire back of your body from your head to your fingertips. The head and reflexology foot massage are emphasized. You can also enjoy light touches of feathers and delicate fur, or you give over to the warming up your body with hot towels. Everything takes place with lighted candles and relaxing music. The massage does not include intimate parts.

Price of massage:
60 min. – 36 euro