Why are we doing this ?

Our goal is to promote tantra and its positive impact on relationships and sexuality. We try to break down prejudice and myths, which are connected to this word, and spread the idea of tantra among the public in the most effective way - practically. Tantra massage is a perfectly understandable example of what tantra can offer.

What makes modern tantra so attractive ?

We believe that tantra is not only for a specific group of people. It can be practiced by everyone. It helps men to be more sensitive and teaches them intensively feel the sense of touch. It reinforces sexual experience, postpone ejaculation, or experience some kind of internal whole-body orgasm. It teaches women relax and fully surrender, turn off all thoughts and dissolve any fears. To be conscious, to be here and now. It brings a whole new dimension of perception and shared experiences to the relationships.

What is a tantra massage ?

Tantra massage is pleasant, sensual and energizing. During the ritual, you receive care and attention from our masseurs and masseuses, your guides of tantra experience. They care for you with great respect. you can experience a state of expanded consciousness. They will give you a taste of the real tantra.